ProData Programmatic Advertising Information

ProData Programmatic Advertising Information

ProData Media invests a large portion of our software development efforts towards the ongoing development of our proprietary realtime bidding (RTB) platform.  The RTB platform allows us to bid at scale for thousands of bid requests per second (also known as queries per second — qps), making minute adjustments to bid amounts in fractions of pennies to both optimize the effective cost per thousand (eCPM).

So how does programmatic help me?

There are effectively two ways of “bidding” for digital ad spots — programmatic (which is what ProData Media does) and manually (which is what the vast majority of ad agencies still do).

With programmatic advertising, ProData creates a “campaign” within our platform. We effectively tell the software the start and end dates of the campaign, demographic of the site visitor we’re looking for — e.g. web site category, location, bidding ceiling and floors, destination URL’s of your landing pages, etc.  We then take the creatives — your display, video and rich media advertisements — and link them to the campaign.  After that, our software takes over.  Modeled after a stock trading algorithm, the system monitors for performance, bid rates, publishers and several other criteria and makes the decision when to — and when not to — bid on display the advertisement to the web visitor.


All of this is done thousands of times per second

Now, think about managing your normal campaign manually – a human being isn’t fast enough to make the educated decisions that the ProData Media RTB platform is — so we’re able to:

  1. Make educated decisions about what to, and what not to bid upon, and at what bid amount
  2. Ensure that the geo and demographic targeting we have setup is accurately represented by the bid requested
  3. Reduce fraudulent activity through filtering of web visitors

Expanded Reach through Programmatic

When using programmatic, ProData works with networks of ad publishers.  These networks can be common knowledge (e.g. Google) or the lesser known, yet still extremely large and effective (e.g. Smaato).  All told, ProData has integrations into 19 unique and diverse networks.

As programmatic becomes more and more popular, being used by leading edge digital advertising agencies, like, ProData Media – special relationships are formed between agency, publishers and networks.  These “private deals” allow for unique relationships to form independent of networks – cutting out the middleman – offering further cost efficiencies.

Combating Click Fraud

ProData has taken an active stance on combating click and impression fraud.  Through the use of over 75 custom filters, plus commercial relationships such as Forensiq, we aim to remove all fraud from the traffic streams we provide to our clientele.  ProData is a member of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) – a group combating online digital advertising fraud, earning the “Certified Against Fraud” seal.