Spa Owners and Aestheticians – What Works for Building Clientele

Spa Owners and Aestheticians – What Works for Building Clientele

As a spa owner, or aesthetician if you’re not building your customer base, you’re losing money.

The number one way of building customers is through advertising.


Local advertising via print is over saturated, expensive, competitive and frankly- a blanket approach.

You’re asking yourself – so what works?!

Digital Advertising. It works. Its cost effective, has a tangible ROI and can be targeted to a nearly exact match of who your target audience is.

At ProData Media, we take an approach to digital marketing that most other firms “talk about” but never actually implement.  We focus on multi-channel campaings, using PPC, display ads, paid social and direct email.

This approach allows us to measure the impact each “channel” has, refining, testing and adjusting over time for maximal success.

It’s got to cost a fortune, you’re saying to yourself!

Nope! It really doesn’t have to.  Obviously the larger the budget the larger the impact can be- however ProData can work with anyone ranging from a single individual all the way up to multi-location businesses.

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