“Conquest” Automotive Campaigns

“Conquest” Automotive Campaigns

ProData has been working within the digital advertising automotive space since 2011.  We’ve always taken the approach that providing good, click-fraud free traffic is the best for the client, us and ultimately the consumer searching for their new or used car.

We’ve seen the good, bad and ugly on how the advertising industry as a whole has pitched (duped) dealership management — “sell 30-cars in 30-days”, “match back reports” and flat out click-fraud being sold as “targeted traffic” of auto intenders.  Working on Tier-2 and Tier-3 campaigns, we know the in’s and out’s of what is and is not acceptable to keep your dealership out of hot water with the manufactures.

ProData won’t sell single channel campaigns to our direct clients – plain and simple.  In the digital advertising world we currently live in, isolating a campaign to a single channel is pretty much a waste of money.

For this reason, every campaign we run is multi-channel, including video, display, social and retargeting – in addition to email.

We look at each unique channel as the driving force (sorry for the pun), making those visitors enter the top of the sales funnel.  Through retargeting via social and display, it further “pushes” those initial visitors into the sales funnel.  As those individual visitors continue through their research phase (visiting various other websites, “building” their car on the manufacture site, looking at local inventory online, etc) they, themselves, “push” further into the sales funnel.

Overall, there is a seismic shift occurring in the auto industry – less in-store foot traffic — until the buyer is “ready” to buy.  In turn, the digital advertising campaigns being run, also need to evolve – of which ProData has been at the forefront, leading by example:

  • As one of 15 initial companies world-wide to be “Certified Against Fraud” by the Trustworthy Accountability Group, the digital campaigns we run are actually seen by humans – no “bots” or nefarious unseen ads.  We’re also Google and Facebook certified.
  • Everything we do is done in-house, using our own proprietary technology for realtime programmatic bidding and campaign management.  Others say they do it “in house” but they don’t… note that ProData has primarily existed servicing agencies — so the agencies who are “doing it in house” are really sending their digital campaigns to the experts in the industry – ProData.
  • We use premium digital ad networks, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Smaato, and about 30 others.  All told, we have access to over 98% of digital inventory.
  • We employ a variety of filters and commercial tools to ensure our traffic is fraud-free, including Forensiq a leading click-fraud and
  • Retargeting is available cross device and cross network.  Other agencies say they can do this hacking a solution together – we have our own, internal cookie and device pool greater than 120MM identifiers – we’re a true DSP.
  • Reporting; what ProData provides is accurate, truthful and non-doctored. Reporting is available real-time via web browser.  If you want to see how you’re campaign is doing at 3AM, go ahead – we’ll be asleep, but you can see the results.

So, you might be saying – “we do all of this already in-house” or “our current agency does all of this for us” – and likely you/they do.  But have you asked yourself, exactly where those advertising dollars are going each month with the agency?  By the time your campaign actually gets fulfilled by an agency, it may be as little as 5% of what you actually spent going towards digital advertising.  Likewise, if you’re buying from a non-accredited agency do you know where your traffic is being sourced from?  Is that traffic scanned and scored for click-fraud?

Give us a ring – 1-855-776-7020 – we’re happy to open a discussion to show you why ProData excels in the digital advertising automotive space!