• Unrivaled Targeting
    Our in-house, data management platform and "A.I." predictive modeling engine uses cutting edge technology to pinpoint your company's audience with unprecedented accuracy. The database includes over 300 Million cookie & device identifiers, with 100's of demographic/psychographic data selects.
  • Unparalleled Coverage
    Our display networks and strategic partnerships encompass nearly 97% of all US-based web sites & mobile apps. Our fully managed platform analyzes and optimizes your campaign in real-time to ensure your message is displayed to the right person at the right time.
  • Unprecedented Transparency
    All digital campaigns are T.A.G.® Certified Against Fraud, MRC rated "Above-the-Fold" and Forensiq® audited to ensure ONLY the highest quality of traffic. We rely solely upon real, tangible results, and continually educate our clients regarding the structure and performance of each customized campaign.
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  • Over 300 Million cookie & device identifiers; with the unique ability to track a consumers browsing history.
  • IAB compliant keyword, contextual and industry specific targeting with hyper-local geographic filtering capabilities
  • All traffic is Forensiq® audited, T.A.G.® certified and displayed "Above the Fold" to virtually eliminate ad fraud.
  • Desktop, mobile, in-app and 1000's of private publisher placements available
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Digital Display Ads

HTML5 Rich Media

  • Interactive media which responds to a users actions, by presenting dynamic content within the defined ad-space
  • Overlays, sliders, forms, animation, games, surveys and in-page auto-play video
Video Display Ads

Video Display Ads

  • Site specific targeted video (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, mobile in-app, etc.)
  • Native, interstitial, pre & post-roll, expandable video and video-on-demand


  • Facebook® BLUEPRINT Partner
  • Available placement via Facebook Newsfeed,
    Sponsored-Ads, Carousel, Right-side, Audience
    Network Browser & Dynamic Product-Ads
  • Ability to create custom, look-alike audiences and hyper-target based on 100's of demographics & psychographic selects
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"ProData's Hyper-Targeted, Enhanced E-Blast digital solution is the next generation of segmented email based technology."

  • Our "A.I." predictive modeling engine matches our internal email database to over 300MM cookie and device identifiers. This allows for deployment across multiple display and PPC platforms- all tied to the consumer's email.
  • Predicitive modeling engine uses browsing history, existing website information, and keyword search criteria to produce industry specific "intender" targeting
  • 100's of demographic and psychographic consumer data selects

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Ad-Display Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting

Video/Rich Media Retargeting

  • Identify and target an individual who takes action on a campaign and repetitively re-market that specific consumer across all of their devices
  • Display click, E-Blast click, and video view HTML5 container acting as retargeting triggers, with customizable frequency & duration.


"Real-time, mobile, location-based targeting"

  • EVENT TARGETING: Sporting Events, Concerts, Conventions, Entertainment, Festivals & more
  • COMPETITOR LOCATIONS: "Geo-fence" your competitor's location in real-time with your exclusive offers.
  • CUSTOMER LOYALTY: Increase customer loyalty by targeting consumers who have visited your specific location.
  • CUSTOM AUDIENCES: Build a dynamic, custom audience for future retargeting efforts post-campaign.
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  • Project Submission

    Once an insertion order is executed, you will receive a login to our portal, allowing you to interact with us concerning your campaign.

  • Design / Coding Work

    Our design and fulfillment department will get started on any coding and/or design work for your campaign and ensure proper formatting for deployment.

  • Quality Assurance

    From testing creatives to ensuring that your resulting display ads will be accepted by the networks – we’re here to assist and ensure you're 100% satisfied.

  • Deployment / Final Files Delivery

    Upon acceptance, we launch your campaign and provide you with all of the needed design and production files.